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60 Minutes cameras are there when White Island burns victim Stephanie Browitt makes a brave new step.

Facing the World
The pain Stephanie Browitt has endured defies description. When New Zealand’s White Island volcano erupted in December 2019 she suffered horrific burns. Since then she has had dozens of excruciating surgeries and skin grafts. But for Stephanie, now 26, the greatest agony has been the loss of her father Paul, and sister Krystal, who were killed in the disaster. Throughout what has been an awful time, Steph has always tried to be optimistic, and on 60 Minutes this Sunday she wants to share a moment of triumph. The never-ending reminder of her injuries – those uncomfortable compression suits and masks she’s been wrapped up in – are finally coming off. The world is about to see why, inside and out, Stephanie Browitt is truly beautiful.
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producer: Natalie Clancy

Crypto Crash
It’s the oldest saying in the book. What goes up must come down. In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, it’s proving to be a brutal truth. As Tom Steinfort reports, crypto’s market value has halved since its peak late last year, haemorrhaging an eye-watering 2.2 trillion dollars. It’s not just crypto geeks whose dreams have been shattered, but also ordinary mum and dad investors sucked in by the hype that the currency had gone mainstream. However, while many millionaires have become overnight paupers, the cryptocurrency true believers say don’t worry, the good times will return. The question is: Who is brave enough to believe them?
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Garry McNab and Sheree Gibson

8:45pm Sunday June 5 on Nine.

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