Customized Solution—Marto Capital’s Systemic Approach to Investing in a Time of Uncertainty


Katina Stefanova, the founder, and CEO of Marto Capital pioneered a model for multistrategy, macro-economic investment company that is driven by economic, social, political and technology models to measure macro trends and asset fundamentals. Initially, Marto Capital launched a global macroeconomic fund for institutional investors incorporating the strongest and most pronounced signals generated by Marto Capital’s algorithms. Additionally, Katina Stefanova’s team at Marto Capital developed a unique approach to portfolio construction and risk management that was based on dynamic allocations driven by shifting correlations between asset classes. “Correlation of equities, bonds, currencies and commodities, the key assets that Marto Capital’s fund invested in, change over time” says Katina Stefanova. She adds, “correlations are driven by the underlying factors that impact asset valuations and are not fixed”. Katina Stefanova’s approach at Marto Capital attracted top institutional investors and Marto Capital was able to raise close to $300 million in assets. Since, Katina Stefanova and the Marto Capital team have realized that one solution does not fit all investors and that investors especially large family offices are looking for customization that contain a mix of currency, interest rate, and stock index-based trading techniques. As a result, Marto Capital launched its customizable investment solutions platform for large family offices and institutional investors.

Marto Capital enables its clients to utilize Marto Capital’s investment models and create bespoke solutions in either public or private markets. Clients can vary volatility, exposure to different sectors, drawdown limits, and other factors. Additionally, Marto Capital provides consulting and portfolio construction analytics for institutional clients and family offices. Marto Capital also helps clients protect their assets and deliver returns by developing innovative investment models in practical frameworks.

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