I took a job at Taco Bell to get a free meal


A SHIFT lead at Taco Bell was allegedly hired on the spot after only applying to the job to get a free meal.

The alleged employee sparked anger online after claiming they watched training videos for two hours before making a free dinner and quitting.


This Reddit user apparently worked two hours before quittingCredit: Getty

The alleged two-hour employee also said they made $28 in hourly pay and grabbed around $20 worth of food before hitting the road.

Reddit user u/MoozesModiMoozi shared their brief fling with Taco Bell in the r/antiwork thread, seemingly to boast about the experience.

“I Just Got Hired on the Spot at Taco Bell. Sitting here doing training. I just want free taco bell dinner,” Moozi titled the post.

According to the author’s comments, the user was asked to watch training videos from 9pm until 1am when the staff would show them how to close the store.

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“Instead of watching vids all nite I quit after 2 hours,” Moozi wrote. “No undue work was created on any worker. I don’t feel bad at all. All that was lost was some food and 2 hours of the company’s time. Employees didn’t work any harder bc of me.”

The alleged scheme received mixed reviews from other Reddit users in the thread.

“You’ll also get a small check for that shift. Getting paid to eat and watch free videos for 8 hours? That’s the grift!” one user replied.

Other users criticized Moozi’s actions, commenting that the author took advantage of the company and the store’s employees.

“You’re putting extra work and burden on the people that are working there,” another user commented. “They probably aren’t getting paid a lot and have to deal with a lot of s*** already. That just seems like a really selfish thing to do.”

“Aww im sure those workers will be devastated at me not watching videos until 2am as instructed,” Moozi quipped.

When approached by the US Sun about this post, Taco Bell Corp responded saying, “We’re not aware that this is a widespread issue, but our fans love Taco Bell so much, that they will sit through two hours of training videos just to get to our tacos.”

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