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The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

That saying is appropriate if you’ve ever come to regret making a job change. It’s a topic that Rick Kyte and Scott Rada tackle in their latest episode of The Ethical Life.

Many people have changed jobs during what’s been called the Great Resignation during the COVID-19 pandemic, but those moves haven’t worked out for everyone.

The conversation may give you pause if you’re considering a career move.

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Moving money around

This week on PennyWise, host Teri Barr spoke with Chanelle Bessette of NerdWallet about a study that shows four out of five Americans are choosing to reallocate their savings from a traditional account. They talk about the study and a few signs to keep an eye on if you are considering other savings options. 

Can one film save theaters?

We all know that movie theaters have been hurting since the start of the pandemic, but there was a growing movement to turn living rooms into home cinemas thanks to increased streaming options even before 2020 shutdowns.

So can “Top Gun: Maverick” save the movie industry? It’s a point co-host Bruce Miller makes during the latest episode of Streamed & Screened. It’s an interesting thought that centers on whether studios should focus on fewer, but better blockbusters.

The crew also touch on other new releases, the Hulu series “Pistol” and the upcoming film on Elvis Presley.

An uneasy history between presidents and the press

The latest episode of the Utterly Moderate Podcast sheds some light on the often tense relationship between the press and sitting presidents. In fact, the two sides have clashed since the beginning of American history, and it’s by design as First Amendment protections in the Constitution were put in place so a free press could hold government officials, regardless of political party, accountable.

The discussion shifts to shrinking local media coverage (there’s no shortage of national reporting) and what can happen when local governments are left to operate unchecked.  

Another storm season begins

June 1 marked the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, so the Lee Weather Team gathered to discuss the topic in the latest episode with special guest Joel Cline from the National Weather Service.

Benefits of medical cannabis

The Arizona Daily Star recently launched a podcast called Here Weed Go! that looks at the marijuana industry, and not just in Arizona as national topics are addressed, including pain management. The most recent episode looks at cannabinoid-based research and findings from three experts from the University of Arizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center. 

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