Millionaire in the making with these top three Cryptos – Pacman Frog (PAC), Solana (SOL) & Star Atlas (ATLAS).


A gaming revolution is underway. Currently, high-value NFT (non-fungible token) assets, such as precious crypto assets, on-chain real estate warrants, and on-chain issuance warrants, which include NFT assets with a large net present value, are frequently low-frequency trading assets.

Pacman Frog (PAC) will focus on gaming as well as building the groundwork for NFT liquidity by combining NFT with financial resources in order to unlock NFT’s intrinsic liquidity and prospective value.

Pacman Frog (PAC)

Pacman Frog (PAC) is a brand-new cryptocurrency that has only recently began its presale. This cryptocurrency is based on the Solana (SOL) network and is used for gaming finance.

Pacman Frog (PAC) wants to revolutionise the crypto gaming business, and it will enlist the support of its token holders in the form of a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation).

One of the most serious issues with crypto at the present is that many people are still unsure what it is.

Pacman Frog (PAC) intends to launch a school on its platform where crypto beginners and experts alike may learn and expand their knowledge. The following are some of the themes that will be discussed: NFTs, the metaverse, DeFi, Smart Contracts, and blockchain technology.

Solana (SOL)

When it comes to NFTs, Solana (SOL) is a decentralised smart contract platform with substantial advantages over other smart contract platforms like Ethereum (ETH).

Solana’s (SOL) key benefits are speed and security. SOL maintains large amounts of data swiftly and securely without requiring the involvement of a third party. Furthermore, Solana (SOL) is also one of the best platforms for hosting NFTs.

The Solana (SOL) network can handle up to 50,000 transactions per second. This is a significant benefit for inventors and businesses interested in mass-implementing NFTs.

The video gaming industry is benefiting from NFT technology. With over one billion gamers in existence, there is now an opportunity to monetise the space and allow gamers to make money. Due to its speed and number of transactions, Solana (SOL) is highly suited to the crypto gaming business.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas (ATLAS) is a crypto-based role-playing game with metaverse ramifications. Players can go to the year 2620 and immerse themselves in the futuristic cosmos ecosystem, which includes virtual reality adventures.

Players in Star Atlas (ATLAS) will be able to choose from three different races (Humans, Aliens, Robots). After you’ve chosen your side, it’s time to fight the other two parties.

The game allows players to earn Star Atlas (ATLAS) in a variety of ways. A player VS. player battle mode and a player VS. environment option will be available, with computer-controlled opponents attempting to prevent you from attaining your objectives.

Players in the Star Atlas (ATLAS) environment will likewise be unrestricted. To investigate professional options that could be monetised. Commander, Aviator, Cabin Crew, Scientist, Engineer, and Entrepreneur are only a few of them.

Star Atlas (ATLAS) is now trading at $0.02677486 and is ranked 31st in terms of market cap among GameFi projects on CoinGecko.

With Solana (SOL) now being one of the most popular smart contract platforms for crypto gaming and NFTs, a lot of money could flow into the network’s projects. Two of the projects that could gain the most from this investment are Pacman Frog (PAC) and Star Atlas (ATLAS).

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