Millionaire Mentor Rakan Khalifa on Making a Global Impact


As someone who was born in Saudi Arabia and then moved to Canada in search of a better life, millionaire mentor Rakan Khalifa believes that you can succeed no matter where you come from. Today, he is helping young entrepreneurs from around the world to succeed and turn their lives around.

While Rakan Khalifa is now earning millions of dollars inspiring and helping people globally, he once had no idea what would happen with his life after a failed career. In 2013, Rakan went to school and worked at the same time. He knew early on how much he needed to work hard to earn a living. This led him to become the top salesman of a health club, GoodLife Fitness. Although the experience taught him so much on how to navigate the business and sales, which provided him a living to better take care of his family, he was forced to quit his career. But little did he know, he was on his way to even greater things.

To redeem the career he once built, Rakan started a business on his own. He has since created the largest organization of young entrepreneurs in the Middle East, North America, and all over the world with Game Changers Worldwide. His tenacity, grit, and leadership led him to a million-dollar income which got him the moniker “Millionaire Mentor,” mentoring and inspiring others to do the same as he did. Today, he is joined by other young entrepreneurs focused on growing their wealth and earning a six-figure income.

Aside from Rakan’s leadership and motivation towards the organization he has built, it is the adaptability towards the ever-changing digital world and offering the most cutting-edge technology that makes all the difference. For Rakan, this is what sets him apart from other mentors in his field. They provide powerful AI technology that integrates crypto in the new day and age. With this product, it makes getting into the trading world that much easier. With Rakan at the forefront of his company, he continues to focus on innovative products that can’t be found anywhere else and help elevate the customer’s financial fitness.

Rakan sets his eyes towards genuinely caring and helping others. His targets include the number of people he has helped to grow. That is what defines the vision for where the organization is headed. With this, he is committed to the community he has built and provided the best experience for all the members.

Rakan envisions his organization growing to a million customers. For him, this is one million who want to succeed, develop their skills in the trading and investing world, and start a career they love to do. It’s all about getting inspired to take action to start something new and make a career change now.

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